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To maximize your child's experience with the college planning process, Jill Broder's Education Group offers a full range of services. Package deals are available as well as a la carte pricing for students who only need help with a specific aspect of the college admissions process. 


The College List

Using the latest technology and the latest resources, Mr. Weiner works hard to find a unique college for each student. He does not feel he is doing his job if he does not recommend a school for which a student or parent has not heard. 

Curriculum Analysis and Recommendations

What curriculum should you take to achieve your college dreams? From which teacher should you get a letter of recommendation? Mr. Weiner will take a close look at your curriculum and give you an admissions officer’s perspective.



Essay Writing

Having read thousands of applications himself at a highly selective school, Mr. Weiner understands what colleges are looking for. He will help your student brainstorm ideas for a well-written, attention-grabbing essay that 

sticks out in the applicant pool. 


Common Application and Supplemental Essays

The Common Application conjures up feelings of angst and fear for some. Mr. Weiner will help guide you through the complexities of the application, including any supplemental essays. Students are asked to complete these essays so admissions officers can make more informed decisions, especially at more competitive colleges and universities.


Practice Interviews

Many colleges require or strongly recommend interviews, but most high schools do not offer a communication course. Having given hundreds of interviews at the University of Rochester, Mr. Weiner knows what makes a good interview. He will videotape a practice interview with your 

student and review it, focusing on strengths and areas for improvement. 


"Jill Broder's Tutoring Center played a special role in my life. Jill, Debbie Arena and Craig Spirka treated me like their own. They helped me with my transition from the McLean School of Maryland to St. Andrews Episcopal School for high school. After high school, they helped me with my transition into college. I am an upcoming senior at Regis University in Denver, Colorado, and I honestly don’t think I would be where I am today if it were not for Jill and her team. She was like a second mom. Now my brother and cousins use her, and she is a household name. Thanks, Jill!"

Ethan H. Lockshin

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