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A former homeschooler and recent graduate of Patrick Henry College, Timothy has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and a deep love for working with students. He has spent many hours working with the high school and middle school students at his church, and taught 5th grade for a time at an inner city private school in Washington, DC. He loves getting to know the kids he works with, and ultimately prefers and excels in the one-on-one environment that tutoring provides.

Long before he became a professional editor, Timothy was his family’s unofficial source of writing advice and help. He firmly believes that good writing is a skill useful in any field or walk of life, and thoroughly enjoys helping students realize their strengths and improve in their weaknesses as writers. He also offers tutoring in English, Math (Algebra and Geometry), ACT Writing prep, Latin, and Chinese.

To Timothy, the world is a fascinating place full of things worth learning; his goal is to not only equip students to earn high grades and hone their academic prowess, but to instill in them a thirst for understanding and a delight in learning. If he can get one student to grow in curiosity and joy in learning, he will consider his time as a tutor well-spent.


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