Our newest opportunity, featuring learn-at-home options

Introducing Broder Accredited Academy.

In the wake of the novel coronavirus, enhanced online learning has quickly become a priority for many parents with school-age children. In many places around the country, schools have yet to decide if and when they are going to open. With rising new cases in many states, school administrators may keep schools shuttered into the fall. Similarly, parents may not feel comfortable returning their children to the classroom where social distancing will be hard to enforce.

Jill Broder’s Tutoring Center has created the Broder Accredited Academy to meet this growing need for learn-at-home options.

Our complete, accredited curriculum and our highly specialized teachers bring online learning to a new level. We offer two options. Your child can attend school remotely from the safety of your home. Alternatively, our teachers can meet your child in our Potomac, Maryland offices with never more than one student per pupil. The choice is yours.

We tap into our three-plus decades of experience to bring a variety of educational approaches to the Broder Accredited Academy, tailoring the educational process that best matches your child's needs.

Whether you're interested in a remote educational program or a complete educational experience in our office with just one student per teacher, Broder Accredited Academy can help. We offer an internet-based, learn-at-home program for children whose parents are in search of a thoughtfully designed, challenging educational system. Broder Accredited Academy is flexible, fully-accredited, tutor-assisted, and diploma-granting. 

Ask about this new opportunity for your student during this uncertain time either for the summer or for the 2020-2021 school year. 

This program helps students develop skills to succeed in life including:

  • Improve time-management skills

  • Engage a love for learning

  • Create flexible learning that can be accelerated or slower-paced 

  • Experience with communicating through email and text

  • Understand that learning takes many faces 

  • Prepare for a technological world

Contact us today to learn how to give your children the confidence to live in an ever-changing world! 

We make our services available at the Center, 

in many local private schools and via Skype. 


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