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Max has been tutoring for Jill Broder's Tutoring Center since 2004. Specializing in mathematics subjects, he helps students in all levels of high school and college classes. He also works closely with students who take honors and AP math courses, focusing on making the more difficult material understandable and easier to grasp. He has taught a "for credit" Geometry course at the Mclean School in Potomac, MD during the summer of 2007, and then again in 2008.


Whenever possible, Max encourages students to reach further than their current math homework by incorporating math ACT and SAT questions into each session. Max's goal is to foster confidence in his students through a mastery of mathematics, which is often a problem area for many students.


"I love what you do and so appreciate Max and how he gives my son so much confidence. You're more than tutors; you're tutors who give these kids so much confidence and build their self-esteem. You can't put a price tag on that."


"Thank you so much for preparing our children for the SSAT. They walked out of their first tutoring session agreeing that it was very helpful, and they walked away from the test with scores we were all happy with. Max and Debbie were knowledgeable and informative about the substance and the process of the test, and patient and encouraging in teaching our kids. They were essential to helping our kids achieve their best."  



"Jill Broder's team is not only skilled and incredibly responsive but also so warm and supportive. Max and Debbie stepped in quickly during holidays and helped our child relax and trust the Broder strategies for the SSATs. The Broder team took a personal interest in our child and we look forward to working with Max and Debbie as our child approaches the next set of tests in high school." 

S.M. Mom of 8th grader applying to area private high schools



"Just wanted to tell you the good news: we got Eli’s SSAT scores back this week, and we are delighted with how well he did! He scored 90% on verbal, 95% on math, and 80% on reading, for an overall score in the 92nd percentile. Max and Debbie really did a fantastic job with him. When you consider that on his practice SSAT in August he scored 50% on verbal, 53% on math, and 53% on reading, that’s quite an improvement!!!"

"Anyway, just wanted to let you know that we are very satisfied customers. We know there are no guarantees,  but we’re feeling pretty optimistic about his chances of getting into Maret, which is the only school he’s applying to and where his older sister attends." 

Jackie H.



"M. got a 100% on his final. He ended up with a 92 this quarter and a 96 last quarter. Thank you! You are amazing! He is so confident having you as his tutor. We greatly appreciate it."



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