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The Jill Broder Education Group + Network was formed to allow a multidimensional approach to a child's development, providing collaborative educational and mental health support to students, parents, educators, and administrators alike.


Jill Broder's Tutoring Center addresses the academic side of a child's development, whereas psychological and mental health issues are referred to the services provided by the Jill Broder Education Group professional network. Marci Malnik, LCSW-C offers a variety of mental health services to meet your specific needs:

  • Individual therapy
  • Couples therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy, including several topic-specific groups
  • Enrichment workshops for teachers, students, and parents on a variety of topics relevant to the issues of today (workshops can be tailored to address specific needs)
  • An in-depth coaching and mentoring program for parents and children, including 24-hour crisis intervention
  • Crisis management to help with the reunification of the family
  • Educational consulting

These services are available at the Tutoring Center, in many local private schools, in your home, and via Skype.



Psych-Ed Evaluations
Crisis Management
Educational Consultant
Group Therapy
Coaching & Mentoring
School Placement 
Network Members
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