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(20 class hours)


Key features:

  • Starts with “Which Test is Best?” to determine areas of strength and weakness, and whether the SAT or ACT best showcases each student’s strengths

  • Takes place in a small group setting of 12 students or less

  • Provides skill review, test-taking strategies, and practice with all topics and question types on the SAT or ACT

  • Employs a “scaffold approach” for teaching each concept, beginning with the most basic ones, progressing to practice with each concept, and finally advancing to full-length test

  • Helps build students’ skills and confidence in all sections of the tests, including English/Writing, Math, Reading, and Science

  • Provides review of specific test-taking strategies with individual students’ goals in mind

  • Offers two free full-length practice tests with diagnostics reports

  • Homework is based on class instruction and specific problem areas of each group

If your student requires additional support after 20 hours of group prep, he or she may continue with Standard Prep Plus, to participate in private sessions designed to address individual weaknesses.

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