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Jill Broder’s Tutoring Center provides private, semi-private and small group tutoring in all pre-school to college-level subjects. Academic tutoring is available for students who need extra support and instruction in a particular subject or multiple subjects. Extra instruction applies to students who are taking honors, AP, regular or special needs courses. Our tutors are specially qualified to work with students of all levels and all learning styles.  Since our educators specialize in various areas, students may need to meet with more than one teacher.


Remedial Tutoring:

Students who have been evaluated and found to have learning or language disabilities are excellent candidates for this type of tutoring. Psycho-educational or neuro-psychological evaluations provide detailed recommendations for specialists to follow in providing remedial tutoring. Using these evaluations, we create a plan for tutoring. Some programming we can provide includes Wilson Language Program, Lindamood Training, Reading Comprehension Strategy Coaching, Written Language Tutoring, and Phonemic Awareness Training. These specialized programs are necessary to ensure academic success for these students.


Enrichment Tutoring:

Students who require extra instruction to go beyond what is being taught to them benefit from enrichment tutoring. This type of tutoring may involve any subject that the student wants to learn in a private tutoring situation. Many students want to excel in school to ensure college entrance or may want to learn material prior to attending a college course. We offer enrichment tutoring in all courses including students preparing to take online courses.


Other Types of Tutoring available include:

Organizational Coaching and Study Skill Tutoring

SAT/ACT Test Prep



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