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Take either our FREE, full ACT test and let us compare your results to your PSAT scores with our comparison scale OR come to our informative "Which Test is Best" practice hour. Many factors go into this decision. You need to be informed! Let us help you prepare for the test that's best for you. Both options are available once a month. Call for dates and times. 


Junior year in high school is when students prepare for and take college entrance exams. There are two choices, the SAT and the ACT. Since most colleges accept both tests, every student's first task is to determine which test will best showcase his or her individual strengths. To help your student make the right decision, we are offering a free diagnostic practice test. Even if your student does not plan on prepping during the summer, making the choice between taking the SAT or the ACT will give him or her a head start in the process of college planning. "Which Test is Best?" is open to all students from all schools!


The test will take about four hours. Once we score the test, we will sit down to conference with students and parents to analyze the results and decide which of the two college entrance exams is best for each student. For some, the choice will be obvious. Others may choose to prep for and take both tests before deciding which scores should be sent to colleges. Regardless, preparation to maximize SAT or ACT scores is an important first step in the college entry process for every student.


Prep classes will form once we analyze your student's test and determine where he or she needs assistance. We will cover strategy and skill development for the verbal, reading, math, and writing sections for both the SAT and ACT. Private prep options are also available.


The 4-hour tests are administered monthly at Jill Broder's Tutoring Center, 9901 Belward Campus Drive, Rockville, MD 20854. Contact us for the next available date. 

"Jill—I wanted to thank you for all you did with V. As you can see her scores jumped from a 23 composite score to a 27. WOW! We are so proud of all you accomplished with her.

Her extremely delighted parents"

John & Cathie 


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