September Workshop

Does your student have any of the following?

  • Disorganized workspace

  • Poor time management

  • Hard time prioritizing and making decisions

  • Overwhelmed by the workload

  • Inability to complete work on time

  • Trouble meeting goals and milestones

  • Difficulty paying attention

  • Hard time managing feelings and emotions

  • Struggle recovering when getting off track

  • Challenged when getting started/task initiative

We believe that the foundation of a successful and confident student first takes form in both an organized mind and environment.  The JBTC team offers coaching in organization and executive functioning skills necessary to stay on track and thrive.  Our methods, which teach self-management, improve a person’s ability to take initiative, prioritize tasks, problem solve, and gain control of his or her life.  We will help you identify your learning style (auditory, visual, or kinesthetic) and apply meaningful and effective techniques that cater to your specific needs.


Our organizational coaching will deduce a learning style to create an appropriate action plan as well as self-assessment to determine individual strengths and weaknesses.  Action plans may include use of technology, methodical conditioning, space organization and strategies to improve work environment.  These effective techniques are employed throughout a student’s career and into adulthood.


We will be offering a workshop for students AND a separate workshop for parents on the same subject. The workshop for parents will offer an overview of our organizational coaching services and how these services will help your student. The student workshop will introduce strategies for improving organization.

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We make our services available at the Center, 

in many local private schools and via Skype. 


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