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Crisis intervention refers to the methods used to offer immediate and short-term assistance to individuals who experience an event that produces emotional, mental, and behavioral distress or problems. A crisis refers to any situation in which the individual perceives a sudden loss of his or her ability to use effective problem-solving and coping skills. A number of events or circumstances can be considered as examples of a crisis, including life-threatening situations (such as natural disasters, sexual assault, or other criminal victimization), medical illness, mental illness, thoughts of suicide or homicide, and loss or drastic changes in relationships (such as the death of a loved one or divorce).


When facing difficult times, many adolescents struggle to get along with their parents. More often than not, they turn to drugs and alcohol, skip school, run away, or act out using physical or verbal abuse towards their parents. Such behavior makes the family chaotic. It can escalate to the point where getting through the day becomes a major task — a crisis! We specialize in the reunification of the family, providing confidential assessments and crisis intervention to help individuals return to a less conflicted family system


Families that are in crisis and dealing with troubled youth will benefit from working with our experienced consultants. Working in conjunction with the family’s health professionals, our consultant can mediate within the family to ensure that all options for resolving the crisis are fully evaluated. Parents need to know that there is a safe program or school that will successfully treat their child, whether the child is dealing with depression, low self-esteem, substance abuse, learning disabilities, poor academics, or a combination of the above. We are able to quickly and accurately assess whether a child is in need of an intervention or specific program or school. Our consultants have the experience to sort through the multitude of schools and programs to determine which one is most appropriate to address each child’s specific issues. To stay up-to-date, we regularly visit and evaluate schools and academic programs, as well as clinical and therapeutic expertise. With the most current information at our disposal, we are able to offer the most appropriate recommendation for a solution, staying in frequent contact with both the school or program and the family during this highly stressful period. Our specialists provide full support to achieve the right balance of structure, academic support, emotional guidance, social setting, location, duration, and cost for family and student. In some instances, a complete treatment will consist of a multi-program process, in which case working with an educational consultant to coordinate the entire process is imperative.


We also provide referrals both for students who require only a minimal change in venue (such as needing a smaller classroom or additional support within the classroom) as well as those who have a diversity of needs that may be addressed within the home or school but that require an individualized educational plan (IEP). 


Other individual services we offer include:

  • In-home assessments

  • In-school behavioral assessments

  • Educational legal services and consultation

  • Medication assessment and management

  • Criminal legal services



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