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We offer a wide variety of interactive workshops that allows students and their parents to enrich the educational experience both inside and outside of the classroom. Our workshops address the most relevant topics and range from multi-sensory awareness programs designed to involve students in creating and maintaining a constructive learning environment in schools to parenting workshops that can be taught in the home, at our tutoring center, or at a location of your choice. Some recent examples of the lectures we have been giving in the region are described below.


Bullying and the Bully

This is a workshop designed to help you end bullying in your school. Working with parents, staff, and students, we find the appropriate steps to help your school’s community work together. Students who have been bullied or who have witnessed bullying are invited to stand up and share their personal definitions of bullying. Other students are also welcome to contribute in order to help them understand what to do if they are bullied themselves or if they witness bullying. The bullying triad (bully, victim, and bystander) is addressed through a discussion and role-play with scripts on what to say and do. Role-playing the right and wrong way is used to educate students on how to handle bullying and engage bullies in a variety of scenarios. Classroom activities to promote empathy, compassion, and respect are recommended, and brainstorming is done to come up with things students and school staff can do together.


Social Skills Workshop

This is a workshop designed to help students build confidence, get along with others, avoid conflicts, and increase self-esteem among both peers and adults. A group of students, led by a licensed clinician, improvise common social scenes, which would be easy to recognize and relate to, to demonstrate the importance and use of social skills. Some of these skills include basic courtesy, listening skills, reading verbal and non-verbal cues, handling common social encounters, compromise and negotiation, and a special section on shyness-busting techniques. Workshop materials and content will vary to address the student level in your school.


Parenting and Parent Empowerment Workshop

This is a workshop designed to teach adults strategies for more effective parenting with greater confidence and personal fulfillment. The workshop makes use of interactive processes to provide parents and guardians with reliable tools for building self-esteem in the home, motivating and inspiring children (preventive discipline), developing and improving communication and listening skills (conflict resolution), shifting stress to success, fostering cooperation and positive attitudes, increasing personal self-esteem, and rapport-building skills, all for the purpose of creating a climate for positive and rewarding family relationships.


Other topics we cover in our workshops include:

  • Positive Family Communication

  • Parenting with Success


If there is any other specific topic you would like us to address in a workshop, we will gladly tailor a lecture to meet your needs.



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