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Cathy received her Bachelor of Science in Linguistics (B. S. L.) in Chinese from Georgetown University, and then earned a Master's Degree in Education from the University of Maryland.


With over 30 years of experience in teaching students of all ages and across a variety of settings—including homeschooling her own children—Cathy is a creative and enthusiastic teacher who takes joy in making difficult concepts easy to understand. Engaging students using a variety of strategies, Cathy loves to make learning "make sense" for each child, regardless of a student's learning style. She incorporates organizational coaching alongside academic tutoring, working with students on their study skills, planning, and time management in conjunction with their school subjects. Cathy tutors students in elementary school through college in multiple areas, from Chemistry to Calculus, and History to Humanities. She also helps students prep for the SSAT, HSPT, SAT & ACT, blending test-taking strategies with a solid understanding of the material.


Your tutoring paid off!  "J" improved her math score by 60 points. Thanks for your help. I will ask for you again when my son does this in the next 18 months or so. Thanks.

Diana E.


Cathy, "N" just texted me that he went in this morning, and the math teacher gave him a point back! Thank you so much for finding that and encouraging him to advocate. I know a point is just a point, but this is really larger than that. "N" has NEVER wanted to approach teachers and doesn't think it matters. This should be great reinforcement to him about the value of advocating for yourself. THANK YOU! You've been SO WONDERFUL for him this year, and he's really thriving at school.  We appreciate your investment in him so much!

Amy & Mitch



Cathy, you have been the best thing that’s happened to "C." He has really enjoyed and learned so much from you. I’m not sure if he will need you again b/c I need to see how he is adapting to [his new school]. If he needs a tutor, YOU will be the one :-) Thanks for everything!





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