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Jamie has been teaching and tutoring public, private, and homeschooled students for 30 years. He has taught High School Social Studies, English, and Math (Algebra I & II and Geometry), including several Advanced Placement courses. Although most of his teaching has been in Social Studies, most of his tutoring has been in Math. What Jamie enjoys most about tutoring is helping students gain confidence by giving them the tools they need to succeed. He is currently working as the only teacher in a 21st Century one-room schoolhouse—an experimental, non-traditional high school with approximately 30 students taking lessons online with Jamie teaching, guiding, tutoring, mentoring, and preparing for state testing. 

In addition to teaching and tutoring, Jamie lives on a small farm with his wife and three children where they raise miniature dairy goats (milking by hand), miniature horses, alpacas (his daughters spin the wool into yarn), chickens, and Great Pyrenees dogs.

Jamie Purcell


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