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“I have always known that I have a passion for teaching and helping others,” says Jill Broder, whose more than four decades of experience in education are a testament to just how serious this mission is to her. While passion for her work is the driving force behind her endeavors, Jill has the credentials to show for it as well. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland as a Bachelor of Science in Special Education, and then proceeded to earn a Master of Education degree with a focus in remedial reading and math, specializing in education for the gifted and talented. As a professional educator today, Jill continues to work with students who have learning disabilities, executive functioning issues, and attention deficit hyperactive disorder.


Jill’s commitment to education is deeply rooted in personal history and fueled by the motivation to improve the learning of those around her. She was set firmly on her career path at an early age, when her brother, then a third-grader, was diagnosed with dyslexia and attention deficit hyperactive disorder. “My mother’s main objective,” Jill recalls, “was to ensure that his optimism, his zest for life, and his overall positive demeanor were not negatively affected by this diagnosis.” Jill’s interest was sparked as she watched her brother thrive under proper guidance, but none inspired her more than his wonderful tutor. “I knew that I needed to make this my life’s work,” Jill explains. “I wanted to expand on her ideas and bring this type of success to as many students as I possibly could.”


The year 1981 marked the opening of her first tutoring center, dedicated primarily to helping the gifted and talented as well as students with learning differences. Over three decades later, Jill has remained steadfast in her cause, now providing tutoring services for learners of all levels, ranging anywhere from pre-school to college. In 2011, she founded the Jill Broder Education Group to support schools in their programming options. Drawing on her expertise and experience, she has assembled a highly qualified staff to operate within existing curriculums, working with administrators to help develop their staff, with students to facilitate preparation for standardized testing, and even with parents, educating them about programs to help their children make the most of their time at school.

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