I love what you do and so appreciate Max and how he gives my son so much confidence. You're more than tutors; you're tutors who give these kids so much confidences and build their self-esteem. You can't put a price tag on that.



Jill, I wanted to thank you for the great job both you and Debbie Arena did tutoring my daughter Morgan for the ACT. In just three short weeks, Morgan was well prepared for the exam and the prep was reflected in her score. Morgan felt comfortable with you the day we came in for our consultation. She knew that you were the one who would guide her through the college application process. You helped her narrow down her college choices as well as brainstorm ideas for her common application essay. The title of Morgan's essay reflects her personality perfectly; she loves her meals! Debbie was incredibly patient with a VERY stressed out senior. She was flexible with Morgan's sports schedule and worked around it to help Morgan achieve her score. She constantly reminded Morgan that she was a bright young woman which boosted her confidence. Feel free to pass along my name and number to future clients for a reference.



Jill, I have to tell you I have used a bunch of different tutoring company’s over the last two-three years and my experience with you and your tutors has been awesome! My daughter was really happy with the tutor yesterday and said he was very helpful. My son said after the tutor left my home last night, “She is the best and coolest tutor I have ever had." I just wanted you to know the experience we/I have had right off the bat was incredible. I was also happy with how happy you respond to my initial email, and we had some of the tutoring set up within a hour.



I wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how beneficial the "Which Test is Best" offering last Sunday was for our son, and to thank ... Bullis and Jill Broder for giving the kids the opportunity to take the two tests and see the differences. Our son came out of the 4-hour exercise feeling decisively positive about taking the ACT instead of the SAT, something he wouldn't have had ownership or knowledge of had this sample testing not been made available to him. It was invaluable to him as he drafts his testing "plan of attack". Thanks again.



Thank you very much for this comprehensive report (and for providing it so quickly!) ... We would definitely like to start with some classroom prep through your group, and to add in individual tutoring down the road ... Thank you again, Jill. We look forward to working with you in helping L. to realize her testing potential.



Mission accomplished! M. has graduated from high school! Thank you and Craig for ALL your help. We could not have gotten him through this without all your help. Once again, JIll Broder's Tutoring Center saved the day! 

—C. S.