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Max Broder, Test Preparation Coordinator
Phone: (240) 338-­3779  |  E­mail:
  1. How much do you already know? The first and most important step in preparing for any exam is knowing a student’s starting point as a means of measuring progress. We offer FREE practice exams at our office under the same conditions as the real exam; these mock exams provide the student with a baseline score. We only provide actual past ACT/SAT exams (not tests prepared by third parties), to ensure reliable results. We encourage our students to take more than one FREE practice exam during the course of our program. The mock tests not only gauge a student’s progress and determine if the tutor and the student are on the right track towards the student’s goal, but they also allow the student to develop the stamina to stay focused for a full 3-hour, 55-minute exam (or more if given extended time).

  2. What is the target score? Based on a student’s score on the first FREE practice exam, we encourage you to create a list of colleges and universities that interest your student and to gather (from school guidance counselors or college websites) the range of scores required for admission to those schools.

  3. Now we have a spread! Once we have the student's baseline score and his/her target score, we can gauge how much the student needs to increase that baseline score to meet the student’s goal. Knowing the spread will help us to efficiently manage our time together and effectively obtain the best results.

  4. The daily grind. During our meetings with the student, we will review the questions he/she answered incorrectly on the mock exams. Our philosophy is to make the most efficient use of our time together by focusing on the student’s weaknesses and any gaps in his/her knowledge. Our experience has proven that focusing on the questions a student answered incorrectly helps the student learn from his/her mistakes, ultimately improving their score.
        Other SAT/ACT tutoring companies focus on the entire exam, including the questions that the student answered correctly on the student’s first try. We believe this adds unnecessary time and expense.
        In addition, we spend time teaching test-taking strategies including, but not limited to: (1) time management, (2) avoiding attractors,
     (3) the process of elimination, (4) educated guesses and (5) other test-taking tips.

Our students tell us that they feel totally prepared and have the confidence to do their best on test day, and their scores prove it!

We offer private, semi-private and group options for ACT/SAT test prep. Please call for details at (240) 338-3779 and please leave a message if I do not answer. (I do not answer phone calls while teaching).





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