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Gail Ludwig, M.A.CCC has been a licensed speech/language pathologist for over 35 years. The last 12 years of her career have been the most meaningful to her, as her certification in Relationship Development Intervention (RDI®) and training as a HANDLE™ screener moved her career in a new direction. Gail now focuses on supporting children with special needs to feel competent and provide them with the right level of challenge to achieve the next step in their social, emotional, cognitive, and communication development.

Gail believes in a developmental approach, and her goal is often to give children a second chance to meet developmental milestones. She does this by addressing parental concerns, empowering parents to give their children opportunities for growth each day, and supporting professionals who work with these children.

By examining the why behind children’s behaviors instead of just the behaviors themselves, Gail believes children’s sensory-motor systems can be better screened and any of their systems strengthened. She feels that behaviors are a form of communication, and she strives to understand what children try to communicate. In taking the pressure off children to perform, we give them a chance to develop their own identities, think for themselves, and communicate their thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

Gail teaches parents and professionals how to make emotional engagement a primary focus so children are motivated to interact, communicate, and be independent thinkers. She believes in the importance of building trusting relationships between parents, children, and professionals so that children can meet their potential.

Gail is highly passionate about her work and has witnessed tremendous growth in her clients, especially over the last 12 years.



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